“One Hundred to Beat: Meet the Stars of Physical 100 Season 2”

Netflix has upped the ante with the latest installment of their hit reality competition, “Physical 100,” Season 2. With bodybuilders, firefighters, Olympic athletes, and gym enthusiasts going head-to-head, everyone was vying for the grand title of ultimate champ with the greatest physique.

Fans of Korean entertainment will recognize seasoned competitor, Kim Dong-hyun, a former UFC welterweight division fighter. Despite his celebrity status and extensive training in Judo, Taekwondo, and Hapkido, Dong-hyun retired in Round 3.

Another standout of the season was Hong Beom-seok, a former special forces soldier of South Korea and friend of Season 1's Agent H. He proved his mettle yet again, only to get eliminated in Round 2 as part of Team Lee Jang-kun.

The female contenders included Sim Yu-ri, a mixed martial expert and CrossFit coach alongside the impressive IFBB Figure Pro Lim Soo-jin, both sadly eliminated in Round 2 and 3 respectively.

Among others, the season also featured military talent like Park Woo-jin, a Coast Guard Officer, Ku Sung-hoe from 707th Counter-Terrorism Special Mission Team, and Jo Sung-bin, an MMA fighter.

Despite the fierce competition, all contenders brought their A-game to the platform, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next installment. So, who was your favorite contestant this season?

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