“Critical AI Investments: Microsoft's Response to Fierce Rivalry”

In 2019, an alarmed Microsoft's CTO sparked a necessary recalculation of the company's position in the aggressive AI market. Revealed in an email, Kevin Scott disclosed his fears of how far Google and OpenAI had surged ahead in the AI landscape, causing him to be “very, very worried.”

Fears initially materialised with Google's ambitious project, DeepMind's mastery over the complex Chinese board game, Go. This unprecedented leap left Microsoft recognizing the gravity of their rival's progression. The comprehensive infrastructure that Google and OpenAI had built around AI technology further solidified their pioneering status in the AI game.

These revelations nudged the tech giant Microsoft towards making a $1 billion investment in OpenAI, the same year. The collaboration aligns OpenAI’s cutting-edge expertise and Microsoft’s vast resources in a symbiotic relationship. These strategic undertakings have created AI chatbots, molded for everyday interactions, vastly transforming the AI experience.

Today, AI influences a multitude of sectors, demanding intense computing power and driving premier investments into cloud computing. In 2019, Microsoft fully understood the value of these intricate processes.

The abundant job opportunities for AI, today, wouldn't have been plausible without the dedicated efforts of brilliant minds. Microsoft notably lacked in human resources imperative to deep learning and AI Research, which caused significant delays in AI developments.

The extraordinary strides taken by Google and OpenAI startled Microsoft into action, a reaction that prompted the company's intensified efforts in AI research, leading to today's multifaceted AI applications.

How much further innovation could be expected in the AI landscape?

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